How To Open Downloaded Torrents On Mac

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How torrent downloads work on the Mac Without going all geeky, we’ll now try to explain how torrents work. Someone downloads a.torrent file The first thing that happens is that a user downloads a.torrent file. This file is very small and contains only a list of the files that are to be downloaded and some other stuff used by the user’s torrent application. Opening the torrent The next thing that happens is that the person that downloaded the file opens it with an application designed to handle this kind of file (more about these applications later). This application will try to find other people trying to download the same file. The torrent application will now grab pieces of the file from the other computers and put them together into one file.

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The user’s torrent application will in its turn start to share pieces that you have downloaded with other users. You get some and you give some. Torrent applications for the Mac There are various torrent applications available for Mac users. In this article, we’ll tell you about our favorite application, Transmission.

From here on when you download torrent files it will automatically (unless you reconfigure default settings in the program) execute utorrent and then the real downloading will begin. FYI, a little more information about using torrents, in case you're unaware of 'seeders' and 'leechers', a seeder is a peer with the file available for download, and a leecher is a peer who is downloading said file from the seeder. Here it is, how to download & use Utorrent. Sorry it took so long to get here but I think I finally found a good recording program to use. Look out for tutor.

It’s simple to use and free (we’re not paid to say this). Transmission Transmission is a great torrent application for Mac. 4k Downloader Mac. It’s easy to understand, it works pretty flawlessly and it has most of the features that one wants.

To download Transmission, click here (download will begin immediately). Adding torrent files to Transmission Create a new downloads folder Okay, let’s assume that you have downloaded Transmission and want to start downloading files. The first thing you should do is create a folder where your downloads will be put. For instance, name it “Downloads” and place it on your desktop. Tell Transmission that you want your downloads to be out into that folder Now, open Transmission and go to the top menu. Click Transmission >Preferences.

In the preferences window, click the second tab labeled “Transfers”. A drop-down menu is now available and from that menu, choose the folder where you want your downloads to be put (the folder you just created).

Get a torrent file The next thing you do is download a.torrent file. You do this from your web browser.

Find a web site that offers torrents and find a download button. When you click it, a.torrent file will be downloaded to your computer. Open the.torrent file with Transmission Now drag the torrent file into Transmission and it will be visible in the list. All the files that you want to download will now be created in the Downloads folder. These files are useless and broken until Transmission says that the files are 100% downloaded. You can throw the.torrent file away after adding it to Transmission. Download problems that may occur The torrent download won’t start The problem with torrents is that they depend on someone seeding the file from his or her computer.

Seeding means that you allow other users to download parts of the file from your computer. Sometimes no users are downloading or seeding the file and therefore it can’t be downloaded. Try to find another file.

Finding good torrents might be tricky, but have patience. How can this article be improved? Subscribe to our newsletter!


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