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So the compiler you're looking for is gfortran, part of the gcc suite. Gfortran will compile old f77 code, but it will also compile more modern (Fortran90, 95, 2003, and some 2008 support) versions of the same language; if you're going to start working on someone's old f77 code I strongly suggest you learn about what more modern versions of fortran look like. Things have improved greatly. You may see options to install g77, which was the previous generation of gnu fortran compilers -- don't do it. It's 5 years old and hasn't been supported for 4 years. As to installing gfortran, you have several options: • is one great source for linux software on your mac; it builds things for your machine, so installing can take some time. Once you've installed the macports binaries, you can type 'sudo port install gcc46 +gfortran' to install the newest gcc and gfortran compilers.

• Binaries are available at the website. I think these are modestly older binaries for 4.5. I haven't tried the gfortran binaries there, but that website is usually reliable. • The gcc wiki points for 4.5 binaries for Mac OS X.

Installing and using gfortran Fortran on a Mac. On every Mac computer. Adobe Acrobat Standard Free Download Mac on this page. Just go to Google search 'gfortran' and you should easily find a link to download it from. OS X Lion (10.7): O download gfortran 4.8.2 Detailed instructions can be found here. Other projects packaging GCC (and gfortran) binaries for Mac include. Zoom Mac Download there.


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